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Product governance The work of the European Working Group (EWG) bringing together a panel of financial players in Europe, including AMAFI, resumed in early 2018. After several months’ use of the standardised European MiFID Template (EMT) developed in 2017...


MIF 2 – Gouvernance Produit & Marché Cible – Publication du Q&A de l'European MiFID Template (EMT)

Le 21 novembre dernier l’AMAFI avait mis à disposition de ses adhérents le document de questions-réponses (Q&A) explicitant les modalités d’alimentation et d’interprétation des données renseign&eacute...


Public listing for SMEs

In late 2017 the European Commission launched a consultation on the creation of a proportionate regulatory environment to support SME IPOs. AMAFI stressed the importance of removing certain obstacles to the listing of SMEs, stemming primarily from administrative c...



The entry into force of PRIIPs on 1 January 2018 has generated worrying issues for AMAFI’s members, manufacturers and distributors alike. The methodology used to draft KIDs (key information documents) in accordance with the regulation frequently leads to ove...


The marketing of CFDs and binary options

In mid-February the International Organization of Securities Commissions, IOSCO, launched a consultation report proposing policy measures to protect investors of OTC leveraged products (CFDs and binary options). Seven proposals were selected, informed in particula...



MiFID 2 The MiFID 2 framework's entry into application on 3 January has not resulted in any major difficulties, at least for now. AMAFI continues to work on various aspects, while widening its scope to look at a broader spectrum of issues. Paying for re...


Le renforcement du contrôle des marchés après la crise était nécessaire

Accédez à l'interview de Pierre de Lauzun (Amafi) : « Le renforcement du contrôle des marchés après la crise était nécessaire »


"MIF2 va modifier les structures des marchés"

Accédez à l'Interview de Stéphane Giordano "MIF2 va modifier les structures de marchés" …


Prudential framework for investment firms

In mid-December, the European Commission published a legislative proposal on the prudential requirements and supervision of investment firms in the Union. Comprising a directive and a regulation, the proposal aims to improve the oversight of investment firms by ad...