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MIF 2 - Révision du dispositif

Révision MiFIR La Commission européenne a adopté, jeudi 25 novembre, la proposition de révision de MiFIR. La création d’une Consolidated Tape (CT), en quasi-temps réel pre et post négociation pour les actio...


Finance durable

Indices climat L’AMF avait sollicité l’AMAFI avant l’été sur la manière dont doivent être appréhendés les indices « accords de Paris » et « transition climatique...


Assemblée générale OICV et rencontres ICSA, 8-16 novembre 2021

En raison de la pandémie de Covid-19, l’Assemblée générale annuelle de l’Organisation Internationale des Commissions de Valeurs (OICV ou IOSCO) a été remplacée par une série de réunions vir...


MiFID II - Review

European engagement Ahead of the MiFIR review, AMAFI Chairman Stéphane Giordano, along with several members of the European Action Committee, presented AMAFI’s priorities (AMAFI / 21-31) to a number of key European figures, including Tilman Lueder...


Commodities – Position limits

ESMA held a consultation earlier this year on technical standards for position limits in commodity derivatives markets. AMAFI said in its feedback that, overall, ESMA’s proposals were appropriate for the stated goals of the MiFID II Quick Fix package, namely...


Liquidity contracts – Accepted market practice

As planned, following a two-year observation period, the French securities regulator, AMF, conducted an overall review of the accepted market practice (AMP) for liquidity contracts created by AMF Decision 2018-01. Accordingly, on 31 March 2021, it submitted a new...


Joint Statement on Consolidated Tape and Market Data Costs

The Appropriate Construction of and Conditions for the usage of a Consolidated Tape


ESMA issues a negative opinion on the AMF’s AMP on Liquidity Contracts

Writing in a press release, AMAFI expressed disappointment at the negative opinion recently published by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on amendments notified by the French securities regulator (AMF) to the Accepted Market Practice (AMP) on l...


SPACs - Europlace working group on the attractiveness of the Paris financial centre

AMAFI is part of the Paris Europlace working group on the attractiveness of the Paris financial centre, whose aim is to talk about the main regulatory, legal and tax obstacles that interfere with the centre’s appeal. Special purpose acquisition companies (SP...