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MiFID 2 The MiFID 2 framework's entry into application on 3 January has not resulted in any major difficulties, at least for now. AMAFI continues to work on various aspects, while widening its scope to look at a broader spectrum of issues. Paying for re...


Initial coin offerings (ICOs)

AMAFI teamed up with LabEx ReFi, a financial regulation research centre, to prepare feedback to the public consultation on initial coin offerings (ICOs) launched by the AMF in late October (AMAFI / 18-02). In sharing their thoughts on the framework for ICOs, which...


Le renforcement du contrôle des marchés après la crise était nécessaire

Accédez à l'interview de Pierre de Lauzun (Amafi) : « Le renforcement du contrôle des marchés après la crise était nécessaire »


"MIF2 va modifier les structures des marchés"

Accédez à l'Interview de Stéphane Giordano "MIF2 va modifier les structures de marchés" …


Prudential framework for investment firms

In mid-December, the European Commission published a legislative proposal on the prudential requirements and supervision of investment firms in the Union. Comprising a directive and a regulation, the proposal aims to improve the oversight of investment firms by ad...


Brexit :A new publication issued with Revue Banque

Préambule de Stéphane Giordano Interview de Pierre de Lauzun Voir la vidéo    



Trade confirmations Given the difficulties faced by members in implementing the obligations on trade confirmations, AMAFI alerted the AMF to the scale of the IT developments required to issue confirmations consistent with MiFID 2 requirements. An additional si...


Prudential treatment of investment firms

On 29 September, the European Banking Authority (EBA) sent the European Commission its opinion on a new prudential framework for investment firms (EBA/Op/2017/11). The Commission must now draft a legislative proposal by the end of 2017. AMAFI, which has been mo...


ICSA – FSB meeting, Basel, 14 November 2017

The International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA), which has been chaired by Pierre de Lauzun since May, met the Financial Stability Board (FSB) for a second time in Basel in mid-November. The agenda included monetary policy normalisation, particularly t...