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central role

The central role of the financial market

The modern economy is based on the activity and development of companies and therefore on people, projects and capital. Companies find most of their capital needs from investors.

In the context of a decentralized, open and free economy, this meeting between the financing needs of companies and the money available is organized within the financial market.

This financial market, or capital market, is what makes it possible to organize the relations, today on a planetary scale, between all the major economic projects and all the investors. Companies find the capital they need to finance their projects in this market.

Financial market professionals

Financial market professionals

In a modern, global and decentralized market economy, the organization of exchanges and the free play of supply and demand within the capital market requires the intervention of market specialists, professionals who are familiar with the workings of this system.

The job of these professionals is to keep the financial market alive :

- Enable companies to find the capital they need at the right time and in the right way to finance their projects.
- To enable investors to find the industrial projects that represent the best opportunities for them, the companies in which to invest at the right time and in the right way.

The issues

The issues

Efficient and dynamic financial markets are one of the pillars of a country's economic health and vitality. The expertise of market professionals requires a real proximity to the users of the financial market, a sine qua non condition to provide them with a fast and efficient service.

Companies and investors expect market professionals to have :

the ability to fully understand their expectations and analyze them without delay
an in-depth knowledge of their specific issues
an experience of the environment in which they evolve
a community of values and objectives
Quality of the advice, accuracy of the analysis, adequacy of the service: the effectiveness of the expertise is based on a relationship of mutual trust, which is all the easier and more durable